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     Overview of Honda in-dash map updates

      Update honda In-dash- : To follow accurate and exact navigation on your honda in-dash GPS, get the right maps and directions on your next journey, navigate safely & efficiently, know about terrain contours & elevation, or reach attractions and your all journeys, hotels & restaurants you desire detailed and updated maps. My Dash updates being the reliable companion on every road trip, help you get everything said so far.

Never miss your latest free map updates.

Every vehicle is incomplete without in-dash updates. In-dash updates make your vehicle complete and give you comfort while driving your vehicle. Never miss any latest map updates, software updates, and traffic updates. Your in-dash latest updates are always one step away from you. Get connected with our Technicians to get all free in-dash updates for your vehicle.

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Garmin Update

Get the latest street maps and Update car In-dash with real-time driving directions in or out of town by your vehicle. Whether you want to travel to your city or another new city, update your in-dash maps and start your journey hassle-free.

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Everyone knows software updates are the most important updates for every in-dash GPS. Get the latest free software updates from us. Latest software updates make your GPS faster and smoother and give better connectivity.

Latest Firmware

Latest Firmware for your In-dash. Lets Get connected with our technicians and ask for the latest firmware updates. Firmware updates are equally important, like maps and software for your GPS device.


How to download and install honda updates 

Learn how to download and install in-dash map updates and software updates By using a web Flash drive. Make sure you have the following things with you to complete the in-dash map updates download. A computer or laptop, USB flash drive to connect with your computer and, A good Internet connection is must be needed. You can perform in-dash Software and Map Updates. Garmin Nuvi Update Here


The first step to get the updates started is to check some settings in your vehicle GPS. Turn the ignition on of your vehicle and let the GPS turn on completely; once GPS is completely turned on, click on the GPS’s settings and check for the latest version of your software and map. Once you check for that, write that version on a piece of paper because it is required later.  


Once you are done with step one. Then moving to step 2 is all you need is a windows computer mac computer. You cannot proceed with the second step by tablet, phone, or Chromebook.; In the second step, when you have a supported pc after that, you need a USB flash drive of 32 GB. Once the pc and flash drive is ready, then connect the flash drive to your pc.


After completing the second step in the third step, you need to check a couple of things before going ahead. When the download benign is completed, you will have several files in your flash drive by the map updates with the separate folder. If you have downloaded updates successfully in the flash drive, in the end, a message pop-up on your computer screen says that updates are complete. Now in the third step, that computer role is completely done as the updates are being downloaded. Now you have to eject the flash drive to the pc.


When you are done with the third step. You need to carry the flash drive with you and move it to your vehicle. When uploading the maps in the dash GPS, you need to follow the steps very carefully. Start with turning on the vehicle; when the vehicle is completely on and the GPS screen is completely on, plug in the flash drive in the GPS. After that, you need to go to the settings of the GPS and select the map updates. when you hit on the map updates option, you will see the maps are started uploading that will take up to one hour.

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"Frequently Asked Question"

How can I order a flash drive of updated maps?

Most of the time, users cannot find the answer to the question of where they can get the flash drive that has the latest maps. Well, you don’t need to purchase any additional flash drives for the maps. all you need to have a regular flash drive that gets connected with your computer, and you have to download Maps onto flash drive and than it will be transferred into IN-DASH car GPS.

How Often Should In-dash Maps be Updated?

On dash Maps, updates need to be done once a year usually. Still, it is about the other updates like software updates, traffic updates time zone updates. For these updates, you need to update the your GPS device in every six months. Software updates come early and depend on the last time updates are being done, sometimes six and sometimes before six months; the Garmin owner should perform the update.

Basic requirements for in-dash updates?

These are some basic requirements before you start the in-dash updates. You need to have a flash drive of 32 GB. A good internet speed is most important. In terms of computers, in-dash GPS updates cannot be performed by tablet or Chromebook. It requires only a Windows computer or a mac computer.  Cause Garmin Express can be installed on MAC & Windows only.

Flash drivers not working in Dash.

This is the most commonly asked question: when you download maps in the flash drive and connect it with your vehicle, the flash drive doesn’t support the Dash. This problem always comes when the updates are not downloaded properly in the flash drive. It may come up with different errors like flash drives not supported or updates failed. In this case, connect with your live chat to get this fixed. 

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          Check – How to resolve various in-dash Map Update Errors.

   This is the list of genuine resolutions for various types of in-dash map updates errors.

Can’t download maps on the flash drive. 

Most of the time users get an error while downloading the map updates in the flash drive that says map failure found. Well, you don’t need to worry about this error. The primary reason why this error occurs is when the map updates are not downloaded in the right way. You need to make sure that the size of the flash drive should be ideal. The ideal size of the flash drive is 32 GB. Before you start the updates you need to make sure the flash drive you are using should be completely empty and should be in fat-32 format.

In-Dash map update server error failure code 62x

If you get an “Error code 62x connecting server” message on a computer screen while downloading the updates, either the internet strength is below then average or there is an issue with the in-dash map server. Other than this maybe there are some programs that are blocking the updates or your computer is consuming internet for other things 

USB is not working In-dash GPS 

WHEN you are done with downloading the maps in the flash drive and moving to install the maps in the dash GPS and USB is not working in the GPS. Most of the time this happens because the maps are not downloaded in the flash drive properly. You need to make sure that all maps are downloaded completely in the flash drive then only USB will be recognized by your in-dash GPS. 

Slow map updates or Updates paused

If you are facing the issue with speed or download pauses then the primary reason behind this is a poor internet speed. If you have slow internet then updates are going to pause every time when you start. In order to fix this issue, all you need to do is contact your internet service provider and request to increase your internet speed.



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