Honda pilot system updates 2022

If you are planning to update the system updates of your honda pilot, then in this article, we will guide steps step how can update the honda pilot system easily. System updates are considered the most important updates for the Vehicle. We advise you to check for the latest system updates every six months. The newest system updates of the Honda pilot enhance your driving experience. The Honda pilot audio system’s firmware can be updated with a Wi-Fi connection or with a USB flash drive as well.

How top update through the Wi-Fi

Turn on the navigation system and look for the settings option. Kindly click on the settings and scroll down. At the bottom, you will get the option of system updates. Tap on the system updates and select the connection setup. Then go for the change mode, select the network, and Tap on the save. Now the display will take you back to the network list. Select your network and click on connect. F the audio system requires a password, enter a password. Now proceed with the audio system updates. You will notify the update on the audio system screen, then tap on the system updates. Select via Wifi and then  Select Download Now. A message will pop up on the screen. Select Install Now or Install while Vehicle off. A notification will pop up on the screen if the update is successful. If Install while Vehicle off is selected and the user turns the Vehicle back on after the update has been started, for 2 to 4 minutes, the system will relaunch the applications. Meanwhile time the Honda logo will be displayed.

You can always put the honda pilot system on the automatic system updates.


Use these steps for the  automatic system updates

  1. Select.
  2. Select System Updates.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Update Result.

■ How to Update with a USB Device

Turn on the navigation system, go to the settings, select system updates, and select vis USB. You will get a pop up on the screen; connect a USB device into the front USB port.

You will see some files are being copied to the flash drive. Once it is done, unplug the flash drive. Now connect the USB flash drive to the computer and download all the files.

After this, plug in the flash drive to the Vehicle and turn on the navigation system.

Then Select System Updates. And Select via USB. A pop up will come on the screen. Now you will see an option that says install now. Kindly tap on install now and wait for it to get completed. Once it is done, a  notification appears on the screen if the update is successful.


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