How to update the Garmin GPS without a computer

If you are planning to update your Garmin device, but you dont own a computer, then in this article, we will guide you on how you can edit the Garmin without a computer. Most of the times’ users cant update the Garmin GPS because they dont have access to a computer, and they end up missing the update. If you own an old Garmin device which more than a couple of years old, then there is minimal possibility that you can use this feature. Now, if you own the latest series of Garmin, like the Garmin smart drive series, you can update the unit directly to the wifi. If you have Garmin, which 2021-2022 series, you can easily update the unit through Wi-Fi. This feature comes in limited Garmin, where you can have an option to update the unit direct from the wifi. Updating through direct Wi-Fi would be a quick and easy process. In this process, you need a computer or a USB cable, or any software installation. Now we will guide you on exactly how can complete this process. The first step is to make sure that the Garmin gps is wholly charged. If you have a low battery in the Garmin unit, we request you not to attempt any updates because it may lead to top updates failure. When the Garmin unit is fully charged, you can proceed further for the next step. The next step is to go to the home screen of your Garmin unit and check for the setting option.

Click on the Settings option and scroll it down. After scrolling the bar down, you will get an option that says wifi. Kindly tap on the wifi option, now after that, it will give you a connection to your home wifi, it will ask you to put in the wifi password. Kindly go ahead and put the correct passwords in the Garmin unit. After putting in the valid password, the Garmin unit will be successfully connected to the wifi. Now go back to the home screen of the Garmin unit. Now click again in the settings option and scroll it down, and at the button, you will get an option that says updates. Kindly click on the updates option. Now when you click on the updates option, it will show the available updates and the required time. Kindly click on the start updates. Once the updates are started, then wait for it to get completed. Now we advise you do not attempt any action in the Garmin unit because it may lead to update failure. We recommend you to leave the Garmin unit as it is and wait for the update completion.

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