Rand McNally dock

This article will guide how you can easily update any rand McNally gps through rand McNally dock. If you own any rand McNally handheld unit, it requires a rand McNally dock software. Rand McNally Dock is software that runs in a window or apple mac. Through that software, you can easily update any rand McNally unit. Unfortunately, it won’t support these devices if you are trying to install rand mainly dock on a tablet, iPad, or phone. We want to inform you that rand McNally dock only supports a windows computer or apple mac. Now let’s begin with using Rand McNally dock in some simple steps. First of all, turn on the rand McNally unit, connect the team with the computer, and make sure that the rand McNally gps is fully charged. If the rand McNally unit is running out of battery, we request you not attempt any updates because it leads to an update error crash. If the rand McNally gps is running out of battery, please plug th eggs into the wall charger and wait for it to charge fully.

Once the gps is fully charged, you can connect the gps to the computer; make sure that you are using an original USB cable of rand McNally gps. When you connect gps to the computer, you will receive a pop that says that gps is connected. If you dont receive any father that says that the gps is connected, then unplug the gps and connect the gps to different nt USB ports of the computer. Once the gps is successfully connected to the computer, open the ny browser and visit the rand McNally official website. On the official website of the rand McNally, you will see some download choices. The download choices are for computers, and it will give you an option to download the software for Windows computers or Apple computers. Download the suitable software for your computer. Once the software is benign, download, run the software and wait for the installation to complete. When the rand McNally software is successfully installed on the computer, then open the software. On the home page of the rand, McNally dock will see every detail of the gps like serial number, model number and how many updates are available for the particular gps. Then kindly click on the download updates option. When the download begins, we advise you to leave the rand McNally gps like the way it is. Do not unplug the gps or do any activity in the gps while updates are downloading. We advise you to leave the computer as it is because downloading the updates requires high-speed internet. It may take upto 40 minutes to finish all the updates. Once the updates are finished, you will receive a pop up on the computer screen that says download complete. Then you can carefully eject the rand McNally gps to the computer. Restart the gps and turn it back on. After the restart, the gps is loaded with the latest updates.


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