Honda navigation update

Honda navigation update

Every user can update the honda navigation system with ease. All you have to do is follow some basic instructions, and you can update the honda Navi by yourself. Most of the time, customers ask whether their updates are free or paid. 

We want to inform you that all Honda Navi updates are free of cost most of the time. A few times, the updates are paid if you have an older honda vehicle. Many times consumers end up paying a good amount of money to the local dealers. We want to inform you that you can get the updates for yourself without paying any additional fees or charges if you can follow some basic steps. 

Connect USB drive

To begin with, all you need is a few things to get the latest honda navigation updates. The thing you need is a USB flash drive of size 32 GB and a windows or mac computer. This is required because first, you need to download all the updates in the flash drive, and later through the flash drive, you can upload the updates in-dash GPS of your honda navigation. 

download garmin maps for free
Connect USB drive to system.

Now the very first step is to connect the flash drive to the pc. Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection. High-speed internet is most important. Once the flash drive is connected to the computer, you need to ensure that it is empty and fat 32 by default. To make it fat 32, you can open the USB folder and make it fat 32 by default. Now, after that, you remove the flash drive to the pc and walk to the vehicle, turn on the vehicle and let the honda navigation turn on completely. Now connect the flash drive to the honda navigation system. After that, open the settings of the navigation system, and you will see an option to check for updates. Click on the check for the updates. After that, wait for 1 minute and remove the flash drive and walk into the pc. 

Fat 32 default
set default FAT32

You need to connect the flash to the pc and visit the website mydashupdates, select the car model and year, and click on the update now option. Once you do that, a file will get downloaded to the flash drive, which is an updated file. After that, all you need to do is download the Garmin Express application on your computer.

Garmin Express
Start with garmin express

Download Garmin express

 Whether you have a windows computer or an apple mac on both computers, you can download and install the Garmin Express application. Once Garmin is being installed on your pc, open the application. After opening the application, you will see an option that says add device kindle. Click on add device when you click on add device. After that, Garmin will successfully detect your device.

download garmin express
Garmin express detecting GPS device.

After detecting your device by the Garmin Express application, you will see an option that says download updates. All you need to do is click updates now once you have downloaded the file of the latest updates by Garmin express that carefully ejects the flash from the computer. Now downloading the updates, this process is completely done.

add device in garmin express
Garmin express device detection

Now let’s begin with our second step, which is most important: uploading all updates to the in-dash honda navigation system. Most of the time, the user cannot complete the second step because the upload fails. All you need to do is go to your vehicle, turn on the engine, and wait until the honda navigation system turns on. It will take a couple of minutes to walk you through the process in your honda vehicle. In that way, you will be able to keep your maps up to date. 

Update in-dash honda maps
Update honda In-dash map

Next, you need to plug in the USB drive to the USB port of your Honda vehicle. Using the vehicle touch screen, tap on the navigation option, go to the device’s settings and update maps. Once you get the message, continue with the updates. After that, it will take up to 30-40 minutes to complete the uploading of the updates, and after that, you can remove the USB stick.

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