Magellan roadmate Updates

Some popular Gps devices like- Magellan devices like magellan maestro 3200,magellan roadmate 1440,magellan maestro 4040, magellan roadmate 5235t-lm,magellan roadmate 1700,magellan roadmate 1470, and other old and newer models. We’ll help you to get easy maps, software / Firmware updates. 

Are you planning a trip or going out and wondering if you could have the latest maps to make your trip or your work. Well, you’re a step away from the latest map updates. Latest map updates make sure that you always reach your destination on time with full-proof accuracy. 

magellan roadmate latest map udaptes

There are two ways you can update magellan roadmate.

The First Step

You can directly update the device by the wifi. But before, you need to make sure that your Magellan device supports wifi updates or not. Because only limited magellan roadmate devices support direct wifi updates

The Second Step

You can update the magellan roadmate with the help of your computer. We want to inform you that every magellan device can be updated through the computer, no matter if it’s an old magellan roadmate unit or a new one.

Requirements for Magellan roadmate updates 

  • A computer or laptop system where you can connect your magellan roadmate.
  • An original USB cable that supports the magellan roadmate.
  • You must have a Windows or MAC system. You cannot update the magellan roadmate by tablet, Ipad, or phone.
  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection. 

Once you have all of these things that require performing the updates, you can proceed further. 

Start Update process

To start the updates, connect the magellan unit to the computer and turn on the gps device. Once the device is entirely on, you need to ensure that it is ultimately connected to the computer. If it is connected to the computer, it will show that the device is connected to the display screen of the gps. 

Once this is done, then you are good to go. Open the magellan content manager application on the computer and click on the update now option. This is the last step you need to perform. After that, your gps is good to go with the latest updates in it.

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