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FREE Rand McNally GPS software Updates?

Rand McNally devices are considered the most user-friendly, easy software-based gps devices. It can update its very easy to use and easy. Rand McNally comes with various gps devices like handheld gps, tablet gps, and in-dash rand McNally. The best part about the rand McNally gps is that every device will update with the same process and software. No matter what rand McNally gps unit you have, they can be updated with the same software. The rand McNally software updater provides updates on an annual basis. It provides three types of updates: Map updates, software updates, and Traffic updates.

In this article, we will guide you through some basic steps which will help you to get your free rand McNally gps map update; The steps are very simple. To continue reading the article to get the most appropriate information required.

Steps for Rand McNally GPS update map for free

Once you begin to download the latest gps updates, you need to know some basic information. There will be three types of further updates you can download, and all three of them are necessary and important. The three updates are Map updates, software updates, and traffic updates. You don’t need to download the updates if you have updated your rand McNally gps recently. The rand McNally gps updates come in every six months.

1 – Free Rand McNally GPS update map for your device

For getting the latest updates, there are some basic requirements. You need to register your device in the Rand McNally server at the first step. Once you are done registering the product, all you need is to download the updates. To download the updates, you need an original USB cable of rand McNally which comes with gps and a suitable computer. When you’re updating any rand McNally gps, it only supports a windows computer or a mac computer. Once you have any one of them, you need to connect your Rand McNally gps to the computer. Once you connect the Rand McNally gps to the computer, you will see a pop in the gps unit that says gps is connected to the computer. When you see this pop, your Rand McNally is successfully connected with the computer, and you are good to go.

2 – Download and install the updates

Once the Rand McNally unit is successfully connected to a computer, all you have to do is open the Rand McNally dock software on the pc. Once you open the Rand McNally dock software on the pc, you will see your device information like how many updates are pending, your device’s serial number, size of the updates.

At the top of the Rand McNally dock, you will see an option to download the updates; click on the download updates. After you, you will see the download has started. Once the download is started, it will show you the exact time it will take to finish the download. After that, you have to sit back and relax and wait. Once the download is completed, you’ll see a message that says download complete. Once the download is completed, you will see an option that says install the update. Click on the install the updates. Installing the update won’t take too much time. It will take up-to 15 minutes.

Once installation is done, click on check for updates to ensure that all updates are successfully done. After this, carefully eject your device from the pc and restart the rand McNally gps. After restarting the gps, your Rand McNally gps is good to go when it comes back on.

Congratulations, you have the latest maps inside your GPS.